The American state Virginia has a somewhat jagged triangular form on the map. This can be recognized metaphorically in this composition, which sheds light on this state from three angles. These angles represent three periods that play an important role in the history of Virginia: the colonization, slavery, and the American Civil War.

The composition starts with a short, expressive introduction in a slow tempo, followed by two parts in lively tempi. Here, the adventures and hardships of the first colonists are depicted. They are first depicted by means of a characteristic theme with a lively, typically American sounding accompaniment, resulting in a new theme. Through a regular alternation of times (6/8 and 2/4) and keys, the music finally calms down in a unison final note, which represents the colonists reaching their goal – in 1607, they founded the first permanent English settlement: Jamestown.

For the benefit of the tobacco plantations, in 1619, Virginia introduced black slaves from abroad. This is expressed in the following slow movement in which a melancholic minor theme forms the starting point. Also, we can hear elements of the blues, which reflects the nature of the slaves’ emotions.

Next, in the brass section, the foreboding of the American Civil War can be heard in which Virginia becomes the main battlefield. The battle between the northern and southern states emerges in a war-like part. The same theme is used as in the beginning movement, where the colonists fought with the Indians.

Liberation and hope sound through in the slow final theme where we detect the minor theme of the middle part. However, the theme is played in a major key here, through which the optimism for the future arises.

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Jacob de Haan
Concert band
  • Thanks to many fine moments on Youtube with incredibly beautiful music! Concerto D'Amore and La Storia are favorites but there is MUCH more too .. 

    SigbkØrn Ness
  • Dank u wel voor deze prachtige Missa Brevis. Ons koor, gemengd koor Bellissimo uit Heemskerk) gaat deze mis uitvoeren in het voorjaar 2016. Ikzelf heb de oefenbestanden gemaakt met Virtual Singer met Real Voices en ik vind het zo mooi dat ik bijna niet kan stoppen met luisteren.

    GertJan Moen
  • Vielen Dank für das wunderbare Wochenende und die Zeit, die Sie mit unseren Kindern in Nienburg an der Weser verbracht haben. Auch für "unser" Weserlied herzlichen Dank! 

    Ulrike Jessenberger