Variazioni in Blue

Variazioni in Blue consists of a series of character variations, in which melodic blues-elements (blue notes) reoccur continuously. Following a solemn introduction, in which part of the theme already appears, there is an ornamental variation in classical style. Next we hear a variation in blues-style, followed by a quick variation with a folkloristic Eastern-European character. Exceptionally beautiful is the Andante con espressivo, standing out because of its pleasing harmonic changes. This variation blends into a repeat of the previous folkloristic variation, consequently leading up to the climax as the major variation draws the composition to its conclusion.

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Variazioni in Blue
Jacob de Haan
Concert band
  • Thanks to many fine moments on Youtube with incredibly beautiful music! Concerto D'Amore and La Storia are favorites but there is MUCH more too .. 

    SigbkØrn Ness
  • Vielen Dank für das wunderbare Wochenende und die Zeit, die Sie mit unseren Kindern in Nienburg an der Weser verbracht haben. Auch für "unser" Weserlied herzlichen Dank! 

    Ulrike Jessenberger
  • Dank u wel voor deze prachtige Missa Brevis. Ons koor, gemengd koor Bellissimo uit Heemskerk) gaat deze mis uitvoeren in het voorjaar 2016. Ikzelf heb de oefenbestanden gemaakt met Virtual Singer met Real Voices en ik vind het zo mooi dat ik bijna niet kan stoppen met luisteren.

    GertJan Moen